birth control and depression

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    redantler / Jan 23 2021 15.07

    A year and a half ago I recovered from my depression (I have no idea how) and I was doing fine for ages. I realised that I started getting depressed before my periods - beyond the usual mood swings that happen with hormones etc. My doctor diagnosed me with pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and I started taking birth control to stop my periods and manage my moods. I realised a few months ago that now I'm feeling depressed all the time again, and I'm half convinced it's a relapse that's worse than it was before.

    Has anyone taken birth control and experienced something similar? I'm hesitant to just believe that it's because of the medication, but I'd try anything to get this to stop.

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    Temporary52460461 / Jan 24 2021 21.47

    yes i have been on birth control for maybe 4-5 months because when i was on my period my panic attacks were much worse, but ever since i went on the pill i have felt depressed and left with no motivation.


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