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    anxious-girlxl / Jan 22 2021 14.27

    Hi there,

    My school, along with many others, has recently gone into lockdown and we are having to do online school work virtually. For me, this was fun at first. We were able to go on call with our class, do the work together and it just felt like being in school. However now it is much different. Around 2 weeks ago (Wednesday the 6th i think) i had a bad fall and badly bruised my coccyx bone. That night when the ambulance came, i was very very tired and it was late in the night. When we came home, i was basically falling asleep, still in pain. I finally got into bed (in loads of pain) and fell asleep. It was around 5 am then.

    ​Due to the late sleep and pain, i slept through most of the day. This means I slept through around 6 lessons that day. The next day, unmotivated again and still advised to rest and walk around often, i done 1 lesson only. However, the next day (making this now Friday the 8th) I made the mistake by trying to do the lessons i didn't do on the Wednesday. This means it was a repeating pattern, and i kept trying to keep up with the work. Fast forward to today, I have so many lessons i need to catch up on and i don't know how. I have the live lessons that my teachers do, but i don't know how to do the work because I am still trying to do the work they set. on top of that, they all set lots of work.​

    The teachers themselves are asking me to join the live lessons as i am not attending the register, but i haven't done the lesson they set before it. Im really stuck and stressed out about it- i cry in pain physically and mentally as the work kinda haunts me. Many might say im dramatic but it really hurts and to see so much work pile up is scary.

    I hope someone has some advice :(

    Thank you for reading this,


  2. Bursting
    angelthequeen33 / Jan 25 2021 20.34

    i know its hard. try your best


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