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    mankyybanana / Jan 21 2021 22.02

    hey, im rose (not my real name) and im 12. during the first lockdown my mental health wasnt actually too bad, i had a few sad days but that didn't really affect me too much. but ever since going back to school in september and now this lockdown, my mental health seems to have just plummeted.

    there are a lot of things that have contributed to this but they dont really belong in this area. this is nowhere near as bad as some people have gone through/are going through but it still really harms me mentally so im sorry if this sounds a bit petty/whiny

    ive started to detest going to my dads. for context, my mum and dad broke up when i was in year 3 and my dad lives at least an hour away from my mum. its beginning to get to the point that when i go to my dads, my friends tell me that i can rant to them about anything and that they wont mind and im starting to think about just flat out refusing to go.

    ive always been closer to my mum than my dad and i worry about her a lot, when i was in year 5 i had a mini mental breakdown at my dads in the middle of the night and cut off some of my hair after worrying about her so much, along with breaking down in the middle of class because i was worried about her

    at my dads my brother gets given talks by my stepmother every week about not going to bed too late and all it does is makes him more resentful, last week she never gave me a chance to explain why i was on my phone during an online lesson, just called me entitled and lectured me about it when i was trying to help a friend who was having technical difficulties.

    im starting to cry everyday before i go to my dads and my mum has to write me little notes. she knows i dont want to go but she cant do anything, shes pretty much powerless

    what do i do? do i tell my dad and stepmother?


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