Veiws on Irish forced labour

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    OceanRaven / Jan 21 2021 5.44

    I am a mixed race child descended of but not limited to both (Black) African and Irish people. Irish suffering as labourors in america was simple compared to the torture of African-American slavery, but it was diobolical and abhorrent. I feel people tend to either be unaware of, or willfully ignore the fact that often these 'crimes' commited by Irish people were 8 year olds wandering a few feet away from their mothers, or they were tricked, or political prisoners, or even kidnapped. These indenturs could be anywhere from 5 years to a lifetime. It could be extended indefinatly for things like pregnancy during labour (Often a result of rape from the masters), or even not going to church; they could be murdered for attending mass, and if they were not christain would automatically become a slave the minute they stepped foot on the land. They could be beaton as a form of disipline, their contracts, or even if they did not have one, sold and passed along like objects. There masters would often work them to death near the end of the contract so they would not have to pay them. They lived in the same quarters as slaves, therefore they had slave quarters. I know it was not slavery, but for so many people it was not consentual and in the cases it was was because there non-infected food was being extorted to the point of famine-literal genocide. It was not the work merrily 5 years, get a humble house people make it out to be, it was illegal to have ANY culteral element associated with irishhood, and they were classed as sub-human; Irish-Iberian, above African-American people but below Anglo-Teutonic. That's all I want to say, it was not nice-feel free to argue with me, I'd love to hear your view-OR

  2. Top dog
    GoldenRetrieverPuppy / Jan 22 2021 12.38

    That's awful! I have Irish ancestry on both sides. I think it's horrific, even if it wasn't as bad as the cruelty towards the African-Americans.

  3. Outcast
    OceanRaven / Jan 22 2021 20.05

    Yeah, to be honest I don't care what it's called as long as it's recognised-OR.


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