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    the-roses / Jan 19 2021 17.35

    so a while ago i was anorexic and i didn't eat much at all for a year / year and a half. i dealt with it completely alone and like i didn't tell my parents at all. in fact i literally just admitted to my mum yesterday and at first it felt really good to tell her. but then she told me that my older sister was struggling with eating NOW. bit of backstory, me and my sister have a toxic relationship, she is extremely clever and if i ever get any grammar wrong or whatever she will literally get so mad. anyways my mum told me she was having trouble now, and its SO hard to see all the support she is getting to get through it but i went through it all alone. She gets to go to the doctors everyday, and is slowly being helped to get back to normal. She has literally been having trouble eating for only like a week or something, but the amount of support she gets is crazy. i know its stupid but I'm so jealous of all the help she gets, i struggled for a year, all on my own, i could've told someone but i didn't because i find it hard to talk to people about things like that. anyway, i also feel really self conscious eating now. like I've been eating full meals for around 9 months and I've been completely fine, but know im starting to not like eating again. i don't know what to do because its stupid to be jealous that my sister is getting treatment that i should have got but thats how i feel. :( idk what to do id really appreciate some help xx

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    Temporary06330803 / Jan 19 2021 19.48

    speak out and try to get someone to get you back on your feet


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