Climate change and how to stop it.

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    Temporary76556578 / Jan 18 2021 9.35

    I have always been aware and active on the global warming/deforestation/poaching/pollouting problem, but i think that after watching Davis Attenborough's perfect planet series, i feel i need to raise awareness and let everyone who doesn't already know the facts and the future for our planet if we don't cut our carbon emmisions.

    We have just under 10 years to solve this problem. in 2030, if we(Britain, Sweden, America and other developed countries) don't reduce our carbon emmisions by 80% we will be plunged into a downward spiral of awfull events including a mass imigration, unpredictable weather patterns and losing up to 90% of the species on earth. But here is the problem. Us developed countries must have 0 emmisions, to support our carbon budget, whilst letting 3rd world countries catch up to us with stuff like hospitals, transport, vaccines, houses, food supplies ect. ect. so what do we do. well, the only people who seem to care are the people who must find a future in the bleak, barren landscape of climate change and global warming. and we must do battle with ageism, sexism, raceism to get ourselves heard. why wont they listen to us? please reply this is serious.

    What do we do?

  2. Wallflower
    ConnerTheTransGuy / Jan 18 2021 14.16

    The short answer as to why more isn’t being done is business. Oil is called black gold for a reason. It’s such a valuable resource that people have gained a lot of money for it, so of course bevause people are selfish, have decided they’re going to continue in the trade so they keep getting richer.

    The best ways to help is just do as much as you can. I’m trying tocut back on meat, which is hard for me because I don’t like a lot of food anyway because of reasons, but I’m not doing it to the point where I’ll die (hence me not going vegetarian). Try to not buy products with palm oil in them (look up the different names that they put on the packaging. I don’t think a lot of companies put palm oil on it anymore as people stop buying it as again, humans are selfish).

    The problem is some of the older generations know tehy’ll be dead before they have to deal with the consequences of their actions, so they don’t do much.

    Just remember that you might not be able todo everything someobody else can do (eg have an electric car) due to whatever reaosn, and that’s omay. All we can do is our best.

    Best wishes,


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    ApplePlum / Jan 20 2021 16.07

    Hi, I agree, everyone should at least try to help the planet whether that's using your own shopping bags, cycling instead of driving, going on specific diets, or even just recycling more. I personally believe that climate change isn't as bad as it's said to be and it's a natural thing that is caused by the sun heating up. This doesn't mean I don't do any thing to help the planet though, I recycle, grow some of my own food (I highly recommend everyone have a mini garden), try to eat free range, organic meat and I walk with my mum to most places instead of being driven. But what would it mean to have 0 carbon emissions though? How much would we have to give up? Is it even possible?




    If you want to grow your own food It doesn't matter if you live in a small apartment or If you only have a small patio. I'm currently growing chives, parsley, kale, carrots, brussel sprouts, thyme and spring onion. If you don't have an outside space you can still have a mini herb garden next to your window. It's so fun to watch it all grow!

  4. Spiralling
    HowManyStarsCanYouSee / Jan 20 2021 19.59


    there are some search engines like Oceanhero and Ecosia that are good.

    OceanHero stops plastic entering the ocean and Ecosia plants trees, and its pretty easy, too.

    Lets fight climate change together! :)

  5. Spiralling
    HowManyStarsCanYouSee / Jan 20 2021 21.05

    hi, OceanHero and Ecosia are both search engines. OceanHero helps stop plastic from entering oceans and Ecosia plants trees. Using one of these is a pretty simple and easy way to help fight climate change. Lets try to make a difference in the world together :)


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