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    emojilove2 / Jan 16 2021 21.40

    I have been so stressed lately with thinking that they might send me to school I had a email today saying this.

    Hey Alina,

    I am in school so you will be with me. I can honestly promise you Alina that you will be safe here. It is a lovely group, and we are all being tested so we know that we are all negative. Come in and try, I think it will help you get some kind of routine back.

    And then I said this.

    I understand what your saying that it is safe but I think if I’m in my house it will be more safer and I haven’t got to worry about caching anything and ending up in hospital even if it’s safe.

    I appreciate that I have a space to go in but I would like someone else to have my space.

    I hope you understand


    This is just stressing me out now I am perfectly fine at home I know I get behind on work but now if I’m behind on work I will stay up until I done it all.

    it’s not like I have a good sleep pattern anyway so I just do my work late and then send it off.

    I feel like they are targeting me to come in for no reason when I do get my work done but it’s a bit of a delay.

    when one person in my class hasn’t been to any zoom lesson except one lesson they should be targeting him not me😫

    im just stressed 😔


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