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    UnlimitedBeanz / Jan 16 2021 21.07

    Hello, this is a thread that follows political themes :)

    So, for a long time I've struggled with the concept of fitting into some 'group' when it comes to politics. I think that people have lost the concept that opinions aren't just black and white, left and right. I recently learnt about the difference between a liberal and a 'lefty', which honestly, I'm so thankful that I learnt, because I typically agree with 'left' sentiments, however could never identify myself as being on the left because of how people act and react, but never wanted to identify as 'right' because a lot of right leaning concepts I just don't agree with. I'm often in the middle, where left leaning people think I'm right leaning.. But at the same time, right leaning people think I'm left leaning.. I see the far right as being a group of people who want to conserve the past, even if that hinders and hurts other people.. But I see the far left as being a group that thinks equality = flipping history on it's head.

    Being the age I am and going down an art path for my studies, I'm typically surrounded by more left leaning people, who think that equality is women being amazing, men being trash. Anything LGBTQ+ related being cute, and heterosexuality being gross. POC being amazing, whilst white people are murderous colonisers.

    Personally.. My view of equality is learning from the past and changing our future so that people who didn't have certain privileges or basic rights, have them today, tomorrow and any day moving forward. You don't have to put others down, to make your point heard. Isn't the whole point to try and make people understand? If you attack someone, you hit a brick wall where they become defensive.

    Does anyone else feel this way? Or do you categorise yourself as one or the other? Idm x

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    Lyra-Izzy / Jan 27 2021 22.49

    Hi, I'm Izzy, a gay 13 year old.

    I would clasify myself as a leftist, because I believe in those views, and don't support the right, but I believe in your view on equality. It's not that women, LGBTQ+ & POC are all the best, anc every straight, white man is evil. It's that theseminorities need to be given the same rights that the privileged have had. Equality isn't bout replcing the privileged with a opressed group, because that won't solve anything. I don't want to have more rights than the straights & the men, I just want to have the exact same, and live in a fair world where i'm not terrifyed of being beaten up or discriminated against for my sexuality. Now, I am white & cis, so I do have a fair amount of priviledge, but I would have the same views no matter my race. I've always liked to categorise myself as something, like gay bi or straight, left or right etc, because it makes me feel safe, and like there are people like me fighting for my rights, so i would probably clacify myself as a leftist, even if I wasn't gay, because I really believe in their views, and would take them over the right no doubt.

    I really loved the way you put everything, so elequently and understandable, sorry if that's weird :).

    Xx Izzy


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