1. Nose dive
    2003BETH / Jan 14 2021 20.14

    So GCSES and A level exams have both been cancelled and I’m doing a level 3 btec sports course. They haven’t cancelled our exams and we still have to do them when we get back however, we are meant to be doing online lessons but our teachers can’t be bothered to even teach us. They give us the work and expect it to be done by the end of the day with no help. I’m really struggling at the moment and I feel bad for being behind on my work even though I’m never behind this lockdown has got me so far behind because I don’t understand any of the work. Why would the tutors give us work with no explanation? It just doesn’t make sense. And to make matters worse, I’m most likely going to get a bad grade and I want to make my parents proud but I don’t think I can with the poor grade I know I’m going to get. Please help thank you x

  2. Superstar
    OneTropicalSmoothiePlease / Jan 19 2021 8.47

    Hey there,

    There's no shame in asking your teachers for extra help with understanding the work. They are there to help you with your learning, they're not against you - even if it feels like it at times.

    There's no predicting the future, anyways. You may have a predicted grade, but that doesn't mean to say it's the grade you're going to get at the end of the course. Why not bring a new perspective in: what if you actually get good grades and you improve? It's always possible - and if you're wondering how to make it possible, then it's always best to just ask for help and for extra resources to support your learning.

    You're never going to be an embarrassment or a fool for asking for help. In fact, it shows to the teachers that you're conscientious and considerate of your work more than anything.

    Hope I managed to help somewhat!


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