Surgery recovery

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    Mayz101 / Dec 31 2020 2.53

    So I injured myself (jumping over a gate) at the end of June and I was on crutches till November 6th when I had surgery, it was a six week wait (my appointment was tomorrow) but my Dad needs a COVID test so I can’t go in. I really needed to go because me knee (where I got surgery -meniscus-) Keeps popping and getting really sore, I don’t know what to do but it’s been rescheduled to 14 Jan, it’s been really bad but the doc said I need to wait to talk to my surgeon, people keep telling me that I can walk on it (I do) but I take the lift and school and get out of class early because I can’t go downstairs and everything someone says anything it puts me further down than I already am

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    the-roses / Jan 19 2021 17.25

    hey x i have knee issues too, had surgery two years ago and was supposed to have another one last year but obvs it got rescheduled cos of covid, its soon annoying when people say stuff about using the lift and things but just try to ignore it really ;)


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