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    ciararuby456 / Dec 24 2020 0.35

    Hi my parents are making me recover from my anorexia but I am finding it extremely difficult, I am not doing everything they want me to do and I really can’t cope. I really want to go to an ED treatment centre away from home because honestly I can’t do this on my own. It’s such a big ask from my parents to expect me to go back to eating like I used to before I got sick.

    Do you think that I should ask to go? I’m involved with cahms and they really don’t help at all. I’m kind of desperate because I want to get better but no one is helping me Thanks <3 Ciara xxxx

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    Anna-xox / Dec 29 2020 0.39

    Hi Ciara,

    Its good that your acknowledging and attempting to recover. It will be a difficult process so i just want to say that staying strong is such an important thing.

    Your parents should find that you recovering is the most important thing and i believe that you should ask if you genuinely believe you will need extra help in an environment that specialises in these sorts of struggles.

    From my past i think it would have been helpful to be around people who could actually help me, so if you have the oppurtunity and your parents agree i say go for it!

    I really hope you recover soon and i wish you the best :)

    -Anna xox


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