Family problems around christmas

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    loki--- / Dec 23 2020 19.57

    So we were planning to see my Grandad and Uncle around Christmas but now that the three household thing has been cancelled I assumed I wouldn't be going to my dads and seeing them this year. He rang a few days ago and was talking like it was all still happening so I said we couldn't do it anymore but he said because were seeing my Uncle outside it was allowed which I don't think it is. He also said Grandad coming is fine because it's only for Christmas eve which it can't be because he lives nearly 8 hours away which isn't local and he'll be staying overnight. My mum was in the room or this conversation and butted in telling my dad the rules in quite a rude tone so they started arguing over the phone. Instead I'm going to meet them outside on Christmas eve and distance but my mum got a message from one of my adult cousins saying how unreasonable and dissapointing it was for her to stop me seeing my dad. It upsets me because I didn't think she'd be like that or that she'd understand. My dad must've complained to his family about my mum but not told them the whole story. She won't let us see him because she thinks she could be fined and fired (she works for the NHS) for breaking the rules. I don't know what to do because I don't want to break the rules and I feel like my dad's only telling his family half the story to make her look bad and that she wanted the divorce (which she did) but he hasn't told them why.

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