1. Bursting
    red-panda-10 / Dec 21 2020 22.31

    so i opened a present early and it was a house key for my and my 'rents found out and are really angry

  2. Contemplator
    Temporary90488449 / Dec 22 2020 10.16

    dont worry im sure they will calm down about it xxx

    what is your relationship with your parents like? if its good then im sure they will calm down and undertand.

    i would try writing down your apology or key notes on what you want to say, then find a time when they arent busy or stressed and apologise x

    how old are you? just because if your older they might treat the situation differently x

    REMEMBER!! if they start abusing you or neglecting you because they are angry, you do not have to put up with it and it is not your fault. so tell someone xx

    you can always tell me btw xx

    ps. im 13 btw


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