1. Childline Avatar
    Temporary54691421 / Dec 21 2020 14.34

    hey guys!

    so theres been some hate on kpop on here recently so id love to meet anyone who stans any kpop groups!

    i stan

    1. stray kids - my ults i adore these boys with my whole heart,

    2. (g)i-dle - my favourite girl group, theyre so TALENTED!!

    3. bts - lets be honest, can you stan kpop and not stan bts?

    4. nct dream - jaemin <3, but ridin is such a bop

    5. blackpink - y'all, stream the album! my girls deserve the world UwU

    6. ateez - ICONS.

    7. red velvet - the POWER these girls hold is insane.

    also whos excited for kingdom with stray kids, ateez and the boyz? i cant wait <3

    have a fab day y'all xxx

  2. Sweets
    KookiARMY / Mar 15 2021 13.31

    HAVE YOU HEARD GOT7 AND MAMAMOO??? THEY ARE QUEEEEEEENS AND KINGSSSSSSSS BTS!!!!! REDVELVET!!!!!! My biases from BTS is Jungkook and Hoseok Redvelvet is Sooyoung (Ye i have a thing for maknaes)

  3. Headphones
    Panduck / May 31 2021 17.42

    Yes ATEEZ are my ult bias group :D

    But I also stan TXT and Stray Kids and of course BTS ❤️


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