1. Graduate
    DoctorBlueBox / Dec 21 2020 3.11

    I normally do well in tests but now i dont get the same sence of pride or achievement that i did before. I feel like ive just reached the bare minimum when I do well now. So im in y11 and I got a 9 in my mock but none of my teachers were impressed, its as if they just expected it of me and I dont know how to deal with the expectations anymore. I feel like if i get anything less than a 9 then im a failure and its such a shitty feeling. How do I deal with the expectations?

  2. Outcast
    Joie-04 / Jan 06 2021 0.02


    I want you to know that getting a grade 9 is really good. Don't care about how the teachers think because you might be misunderstanding their expressions but at the end of the day you should be proud of yourself, because a grade 9 is sooooooo goooood.


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