Visiting the GP

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    Magsyxyz / Dec 18 2020 23.39

    Hi everyone,

    I am visiting my GP for the first time soon and I was wondering what sort of things they could do to help.

    some of my main questions were

    can they give you a diagnosis and can they put you on medication

    i would really appreciate your help

    thank you!

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    lemonade88 / Jan 28 2021 12.29

    Hi :) wish I saw this post sooner. I'm not sure what you saw a doctor for and as you didn't share it I won't ask. But whatever it was, the fact you saw someone for professional help about it is great. GP's can give you diagnoses and they can perscribe you medication if you're in need of it and it's in your best interest to help you with whatever you're struggling with. Hope you're doing well and it all went okay for you.


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