1. Heart
    Temporary85299870 / Dec 09 2020 16.43

    i have a few friends but ever since the first lockdown i haven’t seen them at all because i’m homeschooled. i have 2 sisters so i didn’t feel that bad at first but now i feel really lonely. does anyone have any advice?

  2. Childline Avatar
    Aishaaaaaaaa / Jan 30 2021 18.11

    its been over a month, and i wish ive seen this before. yes. im lonely too and you're not alone, im also homeschooled and i also have 2 sisters but they dont live with me. the situation for me is getting better because im really looking forward to going to college in september and i really hope by then i will be able to physically go there and meet new people and make new friends, you can always plan ahead and make your dreams come true, it will all be ok in the end <3


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