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    zubam001 / Dec 07 2020 16.58

    my name is muhammad i have been abused by my step mum for the lat 5 years i have been heart threatened and almost killed by my family before and it still happenes i moved from pakisten from my real mum about 6 years ago and now i live with my step mum here in england i want to move to a care home i feel really unsafe at home and yeah i just need some advice on how i should deal with this and some way of me being confident enough to tell my school but at the moment im to scared

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    Temporary31568387 / Jan 08 2021 22.43

    You should tell a teacher i am so sorry

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    creative20 / Jan 11 2021 15.42

    Please tell an adult you trust, the best person to tell is a teacher or the police. They will sort it out for you, you don't have to live with this. If you tell a teacher or the police they can make sure that you don't have to live with your step mum anymore. I am so sorry this is happening to you, please tell a teacher or the police I promise they will help.

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    Felisha-879 / Sep 16 2021 20.59

    Tell a trusted adult, but when your alone give yourself a time to let it all out and calm yourself down if your feeling miserable. You should also contact a friend because sometimes you don't get the confidence when your by yourself to tell someone, so let your friend give you a little support. I am very sorry that you're dealing with this but i know its going to get better.

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    PowerfulRunningBee9126 / Oct 16 2021 12.53

    you are very brave for speaking out about this on here.

    as the others said, i think that you should report it to a trusted adult such as a teahcer or maybe ask a childline counsellor to call for help. they can call social services and you can get a social worker who you can communicate your worries to and if you tell them that you feel unsafe, they will take steps the ensure that you have support during the time that you are taken away from your home and put into a safer and more pleasant environment.

    You also do not have to worry about the social worker seeing you at home- they can visit you in school if you wish.

    You can read more about going care on childline.

    You do not deserve to be treated like your stepmother is treating you.

    You deserve to feel safe and loved and happy.

    i really hope that things get better for you, i believe in you!



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