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    Temporary08539657 / Nov 18 2020 18.25

    Hi everyone my name is Lucy and i am 14. I am in year 10 so i have started my gcse course.

    I am really lonely and just want to make friends. Over the lockdown i was finally happy for once which sounds really bad, but as soon as we went back to school in september my mental health started to deteriorate. I am not even exagerating when i say i have no friends. Before lockdown i would skip lunch because i had no friends to sit with in the canteen and i would just sit in the library and read or do homework. now because of the coronavirus everyone had to be outside at break and lunch. I have nobody to sit/ stand on the field with and whenever i try to sit with people and make new friends they just ignore me and leave me out. I just want to cry every second of every day at school. people say that you just need one or two good friends but i dont even have that. People laugh at me and talk about me behind my back and i sit alone in every lesson.

    It makes me so sad to see how happy everone else is and how they dont even have to worry about how they are going to survive lunchtime. I sometimes go in the school toilets and cry because i am so lonely.

    I look back at pictures of myself when i was younger ( primary school age) and i am smiling in every one and now, i cant remember the last time i smiled. I just want back the girl who was happy woke up smiling everyday. Everone says that school days are the best days of your life and that you shouldnt wish your life away but i cannot wait to leave school.

    once i leave school and go to university i will have a fresh start and if i get a good job i can get a house and start fresh without all the negative people.

    If you are still reading and want to talk or be friends, leave a message below :) 😊

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    Galotwo / Nov 19 2020 1.18

    Hey, i feel sorry for you alot, i didn’t have any friends in primary so i understand somewhat how hard it is (also my friends now talk behind me so yeah). Honestly the main reason i came on here was to talk and make friends so i’d be delited to talk! I don't like giving out my name to people OL so call me anything lol. also i'm 15.

    Hope we can be good friends!

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    cryxng / Nov 28 2020 21.37

    I feel the exact same way. How do you cope? I cant seem to do it

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    sadpersononearth / Nov 29 2020 7.46

    I feel sorry for you. My friends ignore me cause im the quiet one and I hate it. In primary when both my friends were off. I would feel the exact same way. I suggest maybe asking a teacher for help. It could be hard but you will get advice. ☺️


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