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    Temporary29390909 / Nov 17 2020 3.00

    im kaitlin and i care for both my mum and dad. my mum who has chronic backpain and depression and anxiety and my dad has epilepsy. i spend the time when off caring for my mum when shes off and all and my dads epilepsy has calmed down so he’s up in allowed to work and I’m just constantly worrying about if my mum has some sort of accident in work or my dad’s epilepsy starts acting up again i do all my homework before school with my friends and do it at bight and only if lucky have 4 hours of sleep. i just am stressed with school and my family life as a young carer and need some support here and there. xx

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    Strawberry33 / Nov 22 2020 21.38

    hi Kaitlin, I am a YC for my little brother with Autism and Tourette syndrome, as well as my mum who is bipolar. caring is difficult, especially for a parent (trust me I know) and a lot of ppl don't understand. I'm not sure how old you are but at any age (coming from a 17 year old) the stress we go through at any age is unimaginable. if you r only getting 4 hours of sleep, this is very serious. being a YC is nothing to be ashamed of so I strongly recommend you ask for help. first, speak to your parents, tell them how much stress you are under as I'm sure they don't want you to suffer, and make sure to share your feelings about the anxiety you get over their health. if that isn't something u r gonna do, speak to a teacher, or even better, a young carer's support worker. look up your local councils young carers centre and find out how you can receive help. a simple google should help you find it if u don't already know. I'm not sure if this helped but just let me know if you need a chat

    - Grace x


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