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    Yellow21300 / Nov 15 2020 20.18

    i had anorexia for a whiilw and i I began to recover and it turned into a binge eating disorder. and i recently reaslised i have stretch marks on my thighs and butt and i am freaking out.And in scared ill stop eating again.I dont know how to control myself

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    Temporary70475250 / Jan 20 2021 8.34


    Stretch marks are normal! Everyone has them, a lot of people don't even know they do. Stretch marks occur naturally during puberty too and they do become less visible and eventually fade away over time. Personally, I love my stretch marks and I know a lot of other people that think their stretch marks are beautiful. Your body is beautiful. Your body will also always be changing, everyone's body changes all the time. Accept those changes and love them wholeheartedly. You are beautiful.

    As you know, eating is important. Balance is also very key to every aspect in life! Make sure you are exercising for 3o minutes a day, a walk with your parents/a friend is always a good start, make sure you're getting at least 8 hours of sleep. Make sure you are having a healthy and filling breakfast lunch and dinner. To make sure I don't skip any meals, I set a reminder every day on my phone to make sure I eat. Make sure to take a shower, wash your face and brush your teeth - you are worthy of care! Most importantly, give yourself time to unwind everyday - write in a journal, treat yourself to something; a movie, facetime your friend, play video games etc. Celebrate 3 good things that happened today everyday, remember you are doing your best and recovery is a journey.

    Remind yourself of your end-goal and you have lots of support to keep you on track!

    Hang in there x


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