Am I considered a young carer?

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    Ocean11bb / Nov 13 2020 22.52

    Ok so i am 11 and my mom has a friend whos about 27 i think and owns a nursery when the kids get out of control or she has to do jobs i look after them. Am i a young carer or just a kid that tags along?

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    Strawberry33 / Nov 22 2020 21.21

    You are not a young carer. A young carer is a young person who looks after someone (usually in their family) who has some kind of disability, whether it is physical or mental. For example I care for my younger brother who has Autism and Tourette syndrome and my mum who has bipolar disorder. My friend cares for her sister who has downs syndrome and another who cares for her mum with an addiction. These are examples of young carers. I hope this helped. x


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