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    LonelyWillowTree / Nov 13 2020 19.51

    Hi everyone. You can call me Astro. I just strted this thread cos I was feeling lonley. I have just started secondary school and I’m finding it difficult to make friends. I do want a friend but I was wondering if anyone here would like to be my friend? Here is a little about myself:

    I am a 13 year old girl. I like music. My favourite band is Queen. I love Harrry Potter, especially Luna Lovegood. I have two brothers and a dog called Millie whom I love dearly. I am very interested in Irish history, mostly because I have a large Irish heritage. I am a lesbian. I am currently in a very complex relationship with a girl I really like. I love writing stories, especially historical fiction. I am a strong feminist, and very stubborn when this subject comes up. I love to read. My favourite TV series is Sherlock which btw is on Netflix if anyone else wants to check it out. I love the autumn because it gives me a wonderful calm feeling and I have just been talking way too much.

    Anyone else want to share?


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    Galotwo / Nov 19 2020 20.40

    Hey Astro, i’m in secondary school too and feel lonely, i find it hard to make friends so sorry if I annoy you or something.

    I am 15 years old (M), I’m not really sure what i am but i think i’m bi? I love music, history and writing as well! What are some of your favourite books if you have any? I don’t have any favourite TV shows but i love English comedies (like peep show/the office or the mighty boosch if you’ve seen any of them). I‘m also very big into film and want to make movies in the future more than anything!

    sorry if this was long, hope we can be good friends!

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    LonelyWillowTree / Nov 20 2020 6.40

    Hi there

    You’re not being annoying at all! I would love to be friends. I’ve seen the office and i LOVE it!!!

    My favourite book is The Fault in our Stars. Its really good. Do you have a favourite book?

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    Galotwo / Nov 20 2020 15.17

    Hey! I haven’t read The Fault in our Stars but i saw the movie.

    I read mostly historical and political stuff but my favourite fiction book i’ve read is deffinately the Silmarillion, by J.R.R Tolkien (I adore all of his media - the hobbit and lord of the rings as well).

    I really like Harry Potter too, but gone of them recently because of Rowling unfortunately, kinda sad cause her series is so nostalgic to me :(.

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    LonelyWillowTree / Nov 20 2020 16.13

    Ive read lord of the rings ad im in the middle of the hobbit 🙂

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    LonelyWillowTree / Nov 21 2020 17.33

    Do you have any hobbies?

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    Galotwo / Nov 23 2020 7.26

    Hey again! Sorry it took me a few days to respond, i did write something but i haven’t been on here long enough to know all the rules lol!

    I have some hobbies that i feel very passionate about, inclding reasing/writing. I make music All the time it’s really fun, i’m learning guitar and piano rn but am really bad.

    I also play alot of games too but have gone of them recently due to exams, my grades are still not good tho :(.

    Anyway that’s about it! What hobbies do you have? Also, you said you like to do history and write historical fiction, what time period and place do you like to write about, if any?

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    LonelyWillowTree / Nov 23 2020 16.19


    I like debating, but I’m not very good. I enjoy baking, but i wish i didnt 😅, and writing.

    I like writing about a lot of time periods. I prefer to write about times in history when things werent very good. i am very interested in The Great Famine (in Ireland) and the French Revolution. One of my all time favourite topics though, is Womens’ Sufferage. I am a extremely stubborn when it comes to civil rights (BLM, LGBTQ+ rights, Womens’ rights etc.) and I love to write about it!

    My Xmas exams are coming up soon too. I’m freaking out 😅.

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    Galotwo / Nov 23 2020 16.38

    Oh damn, i love debating too, same as you though i’m god awful and end up looking stupid haha!

    Me too, I like writing about the bad periods of time, personally i like writing around the time of the late 1800’s to mid 1900’s, as that’s where i get most of my inspiration from, via the authors i usually read. I’m quite stubborn too when it comes to stuff like LGBTQ+ and rights etc. I often get in arguments with my friends about the topics lol!

    Oh god not exams! I have my mocks so soon and i’m terrified lol. Btw have you chosen your options yet or is that next year for you?

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    LonelyWillowTree / Nov 23 2020 16.53

    I am dreadinng my exams! Especially the Maths. I’m terrible at it!

    I have just begun my new options and I am very jappy with my pick! I chose Business and Music. My friends were bored silly by business. I’m the only one who likes it

    How about you? And also, what is your favourite subject?

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    Galotwo / Nov 23 2020 17.07

    Holy, what? you do buisness at your school? I wish i could’ve done that! We didn’t get many options here, the craziest class we got to choose was like, triple science haha! My favourite subject is definately history by far, all my others teachers despise me i swear! I personally wanted to do music and media but ended up going with Spanish and computor science cause my mum said i should😞 ...

    I’m really curious what other options you could pick!? This is baffling me to no end! So jealous of you i can’t comprehend haha. Sorry for the rant but damn this is weird.

    Maybe it’s just different areas? lol sorry again!


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