Self Harm Recovery

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    Maddie123xoxx / Oct 28 2020 0.32

    Hi guys, I'm trying to recover from self harming and I'm now 10 days clean! Does anyone have any tips on how to cope if I want to do it again? I've tried everything but nothing seems to work, doesn't anyone have any ideas?

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    Ellie014 / Nov 01 2020 1.29

    Well done for being 10 days clean!!! I can’t say for sure what would help you but some of my favourite coping methods is putting ice on the area where you would usually self harm, the butterfly project and drawing. I’m now 6 months clean, you can do it <3

  3. Coolcat
    OchacoUraraka27 / Nov 21 2020 18.46

    omg well done!!!!

  4. Spiralling
    MorningRiser / Dec 15 2020 21.22

    Amazing well done ! I wish I'd been clean for that long...


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