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    Imbieeeee / Oct 23 2020 22.15

    Hi, i don't want to talk about my name but i am going by imbie on here, My sister has autism and had an eating disorder when little. Her esting disorder caused me to form a terrible relationship woth food and i now purge occasionally and binge eat alot.

    My family always argue and my grandmother has mental disorders aswell spanning from her abandonment when she was little. My mother has been in therapy all of her adult life due to her troubled upbringing and my dad just doesn't like me. The only place i have to turn to is my friends. My freinds have amazing families with caring pareants i pretend to too, mimicking what they say. ill never be able to explain the extent of how badly my upbrining has effected myetal health, self esteem and now my grades, the ine thing that last year was going well for me, I spend alot of time around my best freind but wouldn't properly explain my home life because i doubt she cares and i don't want her to be as teoubled by my problems as i have been with my families. My sister analyses everything i do and yells at me twlling me im narrcasistic and should kill myself if i say no to any of her demands. My mother hates me and tries to avoid me at all costs and my dad just sees me as another problem in his life. my nan has always hated me because of how my sister would sot there and make up stories about me abusing her when we were little before i even understood what she meant

    My mum told me that we would get to go on holiday to the Isle of Wight with my bestie, as you can imagine i was excited. but now she has descided to go on her own. i was about to cry so went upstairs to cry in silence as i hear my mum, my dad, my sister and my nan say how much they hate me and what a problem i am to the family.

    i don't deserve to be here- don't want 2b

  2. Spiralling
    -blohsh- / Oct 23 2020 22.31

    this world needs you, i promise, you matter.

    i know it seems like a big step but you could call childline and they can help you go into a foster home? im not sure how old you are so i dont know if you can move into your own home,

    please talk to people and get help, please dont give up


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