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    BuckAndCapFan / Oct 22 2020 18.35

    hi if you have a love of the mcu or comics want to talk about the characterrs or share your own feel free to post on here

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    nico-the-enby / Nov 16 2020 17.17

    Hi I'm Nico (they/them) and I love marvel. I've watched like half of the movies and I've just gotten into the comics (I'm reading the original amzing spider man ans also the newer miles morales one). Who are your favourite charaters from the movies (I'm assuming cap and bucky cos of your username though lol) Also do you like the endgame ending? cos a lot of people hate it and I'm not completely sure why.

    ~ Nico ~

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    hi1i1i1i1i1i1i1 / Nov 24 2020 19.19

    hi im tj also they and them im also into comics i like cable loki and bucky i actually like the ending iron kan snapping and cap coming back old in the upcoming marvel serieses it will explore these and in marvel what if it will explore different possibilltys what would happen so im interrestec to se what will happen


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