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    shazza2006 / Oct 18 2020 17.00

    hey im 14 and i have had a difficult life i got bullied at school so moved away and the same thing happened so i moved again now im at a different school but i hate school and find it difficult with everything thats happened i use to go home running upstairs to my room crying now i hold it all in and cant cry in front of people i dont know why but i need help please help me my life is so messed up.

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    Temporary93074111 / Oct 19 2020 8.50

    Dear Shazza, it is hard to move schools! You never know how the next one will be. I am so sorry that you are feeling depressed but I recommend talking to a grownup you trust and love. Also, it's okay to cry in front of someone. Don't be shy, because I know how you feel. It is kinda embarrassing to cry in front of anyone, but just remember, the person your crying in front of would never laugh at you, or ignore you, and sometimes it's nice to cry in front of someone. It's much more depressing to cry by yourself, trust me. Your life might seem messed up but it won't be, you just need to keep fighting. If you ever feel depressed, I recommend the book "Happy: Finding joy in every day and letting go of perfect. By Fearne Cotton." A really remarkable book.

    Just remember, your not alone.


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