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    Temporary08886962 / Oct 16 2020 14.29

    SOOOO.... My friend (who i'll call Roald) has been dating the teachers daughter (who i'll call Sable) for a while (both female) and they are in different bubbles (for covid). Now one of the other teachers alerted the Transphobic teacher about them mixing and she didn't care until she found out that it was Roald and said that she was a bad influence because she is a reject and in a group of trans rejects (in which i'm in and i am an enby) and some other stuff about us being bad for her mental health. The next day the teacher gave us stares at break as she walked past us. This has really upset the whole group but Roald doesn't want us to report it because it might upset Sable. Whereas reporting it feels like the right thing to do and I am concerned that Sable is being damaged mentally by this. I just don't know what I should do because it really hurt all of us but my friend is adament that we don't tell anyone. Please help, thanks!

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    gracey-lou / Oct 30 2020 17.40

    hi, i have no idea what it feels like to be going through this but if i where you i would report it, and dont blame yourself. make sure your friend is aware of how they are making their girlfriend and friends feel. I think this teachers behaviour is discusting towards you and your friends and it shouldnt be tolerated.

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    the-stale-biscuit / Nov 25 2020 0.17

    I think you should report it, but don’t neccessarily mention any names. Just keep it anonymous and discreet. Hope that helps.

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    PlumBao / Dec 01 2020 22.31

    Hi, I'm also an enby and I think you should report it. I know it is scary and you might not think you did the right thing, but it is the safest thing to do.


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