1. Spiralling
    Ghost-the-enby / Oct 14 2020 22.51

    I wanted to give my opinion on the new locker layout, so here we are. It's mainly the changes to the message board section. My problem is that if you click one of the notifications and visit the board, the notification automatically deletes. I like to have a link to the boards so that i can visit them easily. Scrolling through all the message boards is overwhelming to me and it stresses me out.

    I'm sorry if that's dumb and it's only a problem that i have but it's really being stressing me out and i much preferred the previous design. another thing I'm not keen on is the bold font. It looks off and oddly spaced.

    Anyway, that's all,

    see ya,


  2. Reaching out
    Jas-Host / Oct 15 2020 11.49

    Hi ghost,

    We're really sorry - this update was meant to show you a new button in your locker in the message board alerts but it didn't work out like that.

    It's now been fixed, so you should see a "view all notifications" button.

    This means that each time you get a new alert, it will show up in the exact same way as before. And you'll still be able to click on it to go to the thread. The change is that when you've read a new notification, it will then move to the all notifications page. You'll still be able to see all your notifications on that new page and click on each of them to go to a thread. And you'll see more notifications on there too as it can hold much more than what the alerts box can.

    We hope that helps to know and we're really sorry for this happening. We know how important the alerts are and this is hopefully to make it even easier to access them.

    Take care,



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