First aid isn't the place for me

  1. Scientist
    littlealien / Oct 14 2020 10.19

    I sit and stare into the distance

    My thoughts are getting all messed up

    I cant make sense of anything

    Im shaking all over

    Im getting restless now

    Tapping kicking moving shaking

    I wish I could stop

    But I have no control over myself

    Are you okay? The teacher asks

    I shake my head

    I think it would be a good idea to go to first aid

    I shake my head

    Well you cant stay here

    She phones first aid

    Shes going to come and get you okay?

    I have no choice

    I get collected and taken to first aid

    I sit and stare out the window

    What are we going to do with you she asks me

    I shrug, Its pointless sending me here

    This is where I end up every day

    When the teachers dont know what to do with me, they say

    I think you should go down to first aid

    I dont think I should, but its not my choice

    Its no use for me, going to first aid

    They cant give me an ice pack to heal my pain

    They cant give me a plaster to cover my wounds

    Because they dont have one big enough

    My entire brain is wounded

    My pain is internal and it cant be numbed

    The first aider can help with physical pain

    But my problems are deep within me

    Deep inside where no one else can see

    First aid isn't the place for me

    Its my mental health I need help with

    They cant help me here

    All I can do is sit here by myself

    All alone with the voices that scare me

    All alone with the memories that haunt me

    All alone with no one to help me

    I wish they would understand what's wrong with me

    I wish they would understand how to help me

    But nobody knows how to deal with me

    So they just say

    I think u should go down to first aid

    And the first aider is disappointed to see me again

    Every day I get sent to her

    And she doesnt know how to help me either

    So she just says

    Sit over there by the window so u can calm down

    Im such a hopeless nuisance

    Nobody knows how to help me

  2. Fixer
    Ce-Nedra / Oct 18 2020 19.14

    really good poem i hope you are okay i relate to the poem a lot

  3. Childline Avatar
    Elise-- / Oct 27 2020 1.12

    Excellent poem! You've always got here if you need help


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