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    Kian15 / Oct 09 2020 22.25

    i got bullied and the teachers did nothing. since then ive moved schools but i still dont feel fine. im away from them and its stopped but about once a week i go really upset and cry myslef to sleep. i dont know what is wrong with me and dont want to speak to my family or friends because i dont want them to know. what should i do

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    Temporary91486127 / Oct 15 2020 18.17

    hi, i also was bullied at school and like you i also moved. every day i would go home crying but now things have gotten a lot better! if you don't want to talk to your family and friends that's ok but do you have anyone else to talk to? i talked to my best friend about it and she really helped me. it's been 4 years since i got bullied and moved but i still think about it. when that happens i phone a friend or spend some time with my parents, you may not want them to know but they'll be there. and childline is always here to support you! my teachers were terrible and didnt do anything, believe me i know how horrible it is. i know it's hard but i would talk to someone you trust about it because i know from experience you'll feel a lot better. hope this helps


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