fearing for my life

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    macaronicheeseandketchup / Oct 05 2020 22.53



    stomach turning

    head dizzy

    “it’s okay! breathe..” you say to yourself

    your knee begins the bouncing

    and breaths become heavy

    “you’re okay” you say

    regain focus

    “is she alright!?” they say

    “why is she shaking like that?!”

    shut them out

    “breathe” you say

    but sound becomes noise

    vision becomes blurs

    the world becomes blocked

    your heart starts racing an-


    you’re fine

    everything is normal

    your head, no longer dizzy

    your stomach doesn’t turn

    your knee doesn’t bounce

    and the noise is now sound

    “what happened?!” they ask

    “oh that that?” i reply

    “just fearing for my life”

    “see you next time”

    (i don’t really like writing poetry but this is my attempt to represent my panic attacks, i hope you like it 🙂)

    -nellie, 14

  2. Sheep
    Spongebob203 / Oct 10 2020 16.53

    Hi Nellie, this is a really good poem! It really captures how scary it is when somebody feels that way. Its super well written. I hope you are getting less panic attacks, lots of love,

    Actimel 🐠(fake online name)


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