The world is dying and I don’t want to live in it

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    Lucie635 / Oct 02 2020 20.06

    during the past couple of weeks the word global warming and the world is dying has been following me everywhere - in lessons, online, on the news. im sick of it. the adults in our life drill into our brain that we need to make a difference and put a stop to it and im trying. iv been vegetarian for nearly 10 years and slowly going vegan and i recycle and walk places but it just keeps getting worse and i dont want to live here anymore. i wish i was born in like 1960s where the world wasnt dying. i constantly daydream about leaving the horrible world and noone seems to share the same hatred towards humans as i do. it isnt worth living anymore when im being constantly reminded that us humans are wiping out beautiful species and habitats and there is no turning back. if i were to live to adulthood i would never have children as i would not want them to suffer. i asked my teacher if the world was going to effect our generation as bad as they say and all she said was we will make solutions but we wont. everything is fucked and i cant be asked to suffer anymore. please tell me someone feels the same way. i dont want to look through a rose tinted glass anymore. i want to go despite the guilt of leaving my familly behind.

  2. Tech
    Jay941 / Oct 08 2020 18.21

    Hey, I know the news and society in general can make this world seem like a horrible place, so I suggest trying to see the good things about it. You're doing all you can (e.g. being vegetarian, walking to places and recycling), but remember, you're still young; you still have time to make a difference, and I know that your passion for the Earth will help change things — you just have to keep on fighting. If no one has told you this recently, then I'll be the first to say it: I believe in you, and I believe you can change this world, even through small actions.

    I really hope you don't hurt yourself, as you mentioned you don't want to be here anymore. It will get better 100%. I know it because I've been through rough times, and it always gets better. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

  3. Headphones
    NewHorizonsJH / Jan 04 2021 23.52

    I am really hoping that you're safe and okay. I think that whilst the world may seem so drastically terrible from the media, you need to see how it's improved. I'm not one for optimism, but the world has gotten better. In the 1960s global warming was a thing, in the 1960s extinction was a thing- but they weren't as aware. However, now we've seen this issue and we've worked towards fixing it. A monkey species was virtually extinct not a few years ago, then battling nations decided to set aside their affairs and help the ecosystem. _That _is the power humans have. To put aside long-standing affairs to save a species is amazing. I think that adults telling us to 'save the world' is, in all reality, an insane eight to put on us. We are not in the position to do it, and I think it can seem very pressuring at times. Just remember that it's more of an education about it, so that we can do it when we have the power to. The world is scary and dark, but in it there's light and hope. People are not perfect, but attempts are being made and strived for every day to make this world a little bit more friendly.

    Again, hoping you're safe.

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    flibbertigibbet / Jan 05 2021 11.14

    Even though the world wasn't dying in the 1960s. It was a very different place. Now, we have all sorts of technologies and people are becoming smarter and smarter. If COVID-19 has come around in the 1960s, we wouldn't have been able to cure it. This world, although it may be getting worse, we are getting smarter. Gradually we will come to realise that we can do this. We can slow down the melting of the polar regions and save the polar bears. They are my favourite animal by the way. We just need to spread awareness. So, congrats on the vegetarianism and the walking to places you really are a superstar, try and convince other people that we need to take drastic action. And together, we can save the planet.

  5. Childline Avatar
    oV5eRxDTcS / Jan 10 2021 0.45

    I agree

  6. Wallflower
    ConnerTheTransGuy / Jan 13 2021 10.19

    I do as much as I can with what I’m able to do. For example I always recycle. I can’t go vegetarian or vegan because I do not eat a lot anyway and Iwould probably die if I did. Otherwise, I probably would.

    Anyway, things are getting better. The media always reports the bad because humans are very negative as a species and the positive things tend to get less views. Some things we can’t fix, like all the species we’ve made extinct, but things are still improving, and will continue to improve. We’re using less fossil fuels now and renewable energy is always being improved. Electirc cars are also getting better all the time.

    All we can do is our best, and if you can’t do a certain thing (like me with food), then don’t force yourself to doit. You can’t do everything. My parents would probably get an electric car if they weren’t so expensive and we lived somewhere where it was possible for us to have one (we live in the middle of nowhere). Just do your best.

    Sorry if I started rambling there.

    Best wishes,


  7. Artist
    Temporary76556578 / Jan 18 2021 9.42

    I hate humans too. mankind are killing the world. i often wonder what i've done to have to sort this mess out. and then my nan goes for a little drive round town so she can "get out of the house" she is perfectly capable of walking. and yet she refuses to do so, killing my future. i will never have children. well, not unless we manage to sort this mess out. I am veggie, and i love animals, but every where i turn, i see awfull facts and barriers to stop me from saving the one planet capable of accomodating life in the known universe. Why can't everyone see that they are brutaly slaughtering the planet. and we call it ours too. for me that is just as bad as the fact that we wear animal carcasses draped around our shoulders. But my mum supports me, and has even gone veggie with me and spends her days trying to explain to the rest of our family what they are doing by continueing this awfull lifestyle.

  8. Heart
    xxxhetacion / Jan 26 2021 10.54

    The world is dying, sis. If we could take a Time Machine and fix it, we would. I personally do what i feel comfortable doing to help encourage saving the earth, but i personally believe that all created must die eventually, give it's energy to something else. We can right the wrongs of centuries of damage, but eventually we'll reach a point where there is nothing left to save. As depressing as it sounds, we're reaching the beginning of the end.

    All hail Elon Musk, all hail spaceX and all hail NASA, because at this point, Mars should be taken into consideration when talking about climate change.

    If it's any consolation, things are slowly improving. The rate of destruction is slowing down, certainly. And the more people like u and i there are in the world, the better off we are. We likely won't see any Life Affecting changes in our lifetimes, like soil pollution or a sudden change in global air quality.

    But, unless car use suddenly decreases, and plastic is banned to the deaths of Hell, we are screwed. So very screwed.


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