You left me to rust

  1. Fixer
    Ce-Nedra / Oct 02 2020 19.00

    You left me alone

    Isolated and broken

    For you i worked ny fingers to the bone

    Fought battles exhausting

    Just for you, in need of protecting

    I was your knight in shining armor

    Yours till it rained

    I rusted, my armor now stained

    Fallen and lost

    I looked to you for hope

    No longer shiny and new i was cast aside

    Now my tears are the rain

    Covered in stains of pain

    I refuse to remove them

    My only memories of you

    They comfort me

    Slowly, so slowly

    They eat at my armor

    Now I am gone

    A pile of rust with memories of an armour that once shone...

    (I haven't edited this at all but im having relationship issues and this is how i feel right now so yeah)


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