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  1. Flower
    Buttercupse / Oct 02 2020 17.05

    I am currently reading some books I borrowed from my sister, I love them so much, they are my favourite books, and I would love my own copies but am not sure whether or not to get them.

    The books are The Chronicles of Narnia by the way.

    Thank you


  2. Childline Avatar
    SnoWolf / Oct 03 2020 10.02

    Hi! If you love them, I think there's no reason not to get your own copies! I adore reading, and I oftenn go back and read my favourite books again and again and again. Also, I've found the comfort of returning to a favourite book during a hard time unbeatable.

    If you'd like your own copies, then I think there's few better things to spend your money on! xx


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