Am I Gay?

  1. Flower
    SadTheatreKid / Sep 27 2020 16.42

    Hi everyone! Haven't been on here in a long time... I won't tell my age but I am, quite young. Am I gay and am I too young to know my age? When I told my mum that I might like girls she told me I was too young and It was probably to-do with my dad not being there for me (he left when I was born). So I am very, very, confused about my sexuality. I've told some of my friends that I might be bisexual and now I don't know if I like girls at all. I do believe that I have an attraction to girls, and I would date girls, but sometimes I think it might be to-do with relying on my mum for the love that my dad never gave me? idk tbh so if someone could please help I'd be forever greatful. 💖 (Also my mother thinks its a choice to be gay, so please help me with that lol).

  2. Artist
    GalacticArtistKid / Sep 27 2020 17.01

    You are never too young to know and maybe you could tell your mum that it is not a choice.

  3. Wallflower
    laylastressed / Sep 27 2020 17.25

    im don't really know much about that sorta thing so i may be useless but if you feel that you have an attraction to girls then maybe u are gay


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