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    Hollyd100 / Sep 24 2020 20.55

    ive delt with my sisters depprestion for year but then it stopped but im scared it will cone also scared whenever i say anything around her because i dont want her to get upset.but now i dont know what to do because all the memories are catching up with me and i just want to be happy but im stressed all the time what should i do?

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    KindBakingFrog4610 / May 17 2021 21.25

    <div>Well firstly I'd like to say that feeling stressed is a common thing to feel and you may feel sad yourself but all I can tell you is that you don't need to worry don't take all of someone's problems away but put them on you. You seem like a great person helping your sister but you need to share the burden of helping her with people it could be anyone and I know it's hard to tell someone but sometimes it can make a world of difference.

    Hope this helped!


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