Historical fashion :)

  1. Flower
    Temporary51610711 / Sep 23 2020 11.30

    Hello! so i love historical fashion and im currently learning how to sew my own garments, i love to wear historically inspired outifits (long dresses, that sort of thing) but once i make my own historical clothes then ill be wearing that alot more often, most likely daily! I made this thread incase anyone loves the same sorta thing and perhaps we could all be friends! thank you for reading! :)

  2. Outcast
    -Different- / Oct 13 2020 14.37

    I'd love to be friends with you, i have very similar interests! Im a twlve yaer old girl and i love to design, create, and 'dress up' 😃

  3. Coolcat
    Oatythecat100 / Oct 16 2020 13.51

    I also love historical fashion too, I know a good youtube channel that was lots of tutorial and videos about lots of different clothes she is called "Bernadette Banner". I personally like 1860's and early 1900's fashion. Regency dresses are meant to be easy to make although I haven't made any myself. I don't know much hairstyles but i might look into that, i also love hats. I especially like hats with feathers and flowers in lighter colours. I like the 1840's french dresses but i don't think i could make one bea use they look quite time consuming to sew on all the lace and frills ~ Evie


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