Body image and eating

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    Anythingbuttemprary / Sep 21 2020 19.28


    i feel like im gonna burst. i feel so fat onnmt belly and so fkat in my bum like i have the most undewirable body in the world i feel hate for it then myself because i nees to be grateful for my body. my parents are forcing me to gain weight and I hate them for it. why whh why why so rhwy want me to gain so much. i sometimes pove my body but because they are forcing weight gain i hate them. im a healthy weight asqell, but its not enough for them

    . i hate them but i have no choice but to live with them. in a few years i can leave but untik the i just have rage and hate fir them controlling my life and feeding. idk wut to do.

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    emmily-- / Oct 03 2020 22.26


    honestly i hate my body too. i feel like everyone is staring at me all the time and people have regularly called me fat in the past and it really got to me. i think holding onto the thought that you wont have to live with them is something you should do because the situation that you are in is only temporary. self love, as cringey as it is, is something that takes time but even though you dont like how you look now, it doesnt mean other people dont think your beautiful or that you wont learn to love the way you look in the future,

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    Anythingbuttemprary / Oct 16 2020 21.10


    ppl have also made fun of my body in the past- it rlly does effect someone more than they expect. Yh, dreaming of moving out is helping becuase it feels like a means to an end of being trapped at home. Im trying to love myself but its deffo gonna take time, especially cos i wanna look 'fit' all the time as well infront of other people.

    Thank u so much for ur reply, it helps to hear someone relate. Remember ur not alon in ur journey for self love/confidence, and ppl who say mean stuff are irrelevant- i dont care wut they think and i also dont think they are good people, as long as u r loving urslef and pushing urself to be the best u can be to be happy in future, cos its worth it.


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