1. Nose dive
    0Aesthetically0pleasing0 / Sep 20 2020 22.02

    ok SO im in year 9 and i have a crush on this boy (lets name him ben) since year 7 and we were BEST friends, but i never managed to get his number or snap. anyways after we came back to school from being in lockdown, i found out he got kicked out of school becoz he was so naughty. I kinda forgot about him a bit until i went to tesco after school (tesco is just round the corner from my school) and i bumped into him and it reminded me of how much i liked him. AND IDK WAT TO DOOOO hes way out of my leauge but hes so CUTE and just gives me this fuzzy feeling and i need to ask him out before i go crazyyyyyyyyy

    ok thank you

  2. Childline Avatar
    VinnieFan3 / Sep 22 2020 12.58

    Hey! I've been in a simular situation and my advice for you is go for it if you know he feels the same and gives you that vibe! Because if he doesn't then you may ruin what was a good friendship, if you are willing to risk it all I suggest you go for it! :) Also try going back to tesco at the same time and see if he'll be there nd then tell him you wanna catch up and give him ur snap or let him give his to you; or maybe see if anyone else in the school has his snap but if u don't wanna as his friends or someone directly just get your bsf or friend to do it! :) I hope I helped :)

  3. Prisoner
    Temporary58031841 / Sep 22 2020 22.01


    I have been i situation like that too but the sad part is in my religion it is forbidden to have a relationship before getting married

    i think you should go for it you seem o be head over heels in love but you shy and nervous and scared it's okay to feel that but you never now your crush could feel the same way about you and you don't even now it...

    P.S. if your really still debating then send him a secret letter don't tell him it's from you write your feeling out on paper write from your heart but don't sign your name....and hope for good results...!!!


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