1. Artist
    Yeesha-the-bi-cow / Sep 19 2020 21.26

    this is gonna sound so babysish but ive had this saying i say to my mum every nught since i was like 5 and its supersoecial to me cos it shows how much i oove her and she used to laugh and say i love you back. now cos im 12 she keeps saying “oh u dont need to keeps saying that every nught i already know and its babyish” so tonight i didnt say it and she keeps just saying night then keaving and she wint even hug me and im really upset cos she doesnt care :(

    sorry fir ranting ik its patheruc

  2. Wallflower
    laylastressed / Sep 22 2020 20.33


    honestly it isnt babyish ik the feeling maybe u need to talk or atleast try she may not realise or she may be busy and forget to.


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