Should I be worried that I’m not eating?

  1. Coolcat
    Michelle345 / Sep 16 2020 9.47

    hey everyne

    Basically, for the past while, I’ve not been eating. I dont really snack, and I barely eat any dinner, lunch or breakfast. I’m just not hungry really, so I dont know if it’s a problem. My parents think it is, but I just wanted to hear from you all.



  2. Childline Avatar
    Temporary28840587 / Sep 20 2020 12.22

    it may not be a problem, you never know, you may be disapproved of your weight so may not be eating for that reason? I am not sure what you look like so I can't see what size you are but it may be because you are unhappy with your weight or maybe because you're just generally not hungry. maybe go and talk to a doctor, this may help :)


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