1. Loser
    Temporary41233971 / Sep 15 2020 22.41

    so i like a boy and he likes me back:) although he isnt ready for a relationship yet, which i dont mind about. only 3 of my friends know that i like him and he likes me back. none of his friends know, because if he told them it would get out that he likes me. anyway, we talk every day after school online and we get on really well. but when it comes to real life im just really awkward around him and i cant talk to him properly without feeling awkward. im guessing its mainly because 1) we're always surrounded by people who dont know, and i dont want to make the situation obvious 2) im scared of mwssing up in front of him 3) im just generally awkward around people i like and can never start a conversation. help on how to b less awkward would REALLY be appreciated. thank you:)

  2. Heart
    RareTypeOfBee / Sep 16 2020 9.35

    I am exactly the same around boys! you need to get him to tell his friends and just work it out between you.

    say that you think yr ready to be in a realationship.

    hope this helps xxx

  3. Loser
    Temporary41233971 / Sep 16 2020 22.41

    <div>thank you! he knows im ready, but he isnt quite yet, which is okay. and hes chosen not to tell his friends because he thinks everyone will end up knowing, which is probably true! i just need to learn to be less awkward around him lol x</div>


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