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    RareTypeOfBee / Sep 15 2020 19.01

    Hiya everyone

    I'm Isla and I'm in year 8.

    i live with my aunt & uncle because i had 'problems' with my childhood. going into fostercare ect.

    can anyone relate to this?? if not no problem, just wanna make some friends

    cant wait to here from u all (hope at least 1 person replies ,haha)


  2. Reaching out
    Jas-Host / Sep 18 2020 15.20

    Hi Isla,

    We're really glad that you know about the boards and that you can say hi to us all! Welcome!!

    We know that there will be others who can really relate and we know how much that can help - it's one of the things I really love about the boards.

    But, even when other young people aren't in the same situations, it's still such a great place to be to just have people to talk to who are helpful, really friendly and supportive. And meeting all different ages in all different situations too can give everyone opportunities to see what things can be like for others as well as to see the things they talk about, the things that can help and any advice they might have!

    Let us know if we hosts can help with anything on here too!

    Take care,


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    RareTypeOfBee / Sep 21 2020 17.33

  4. Headphones
    brightmusic / Oct 08 2020 20.45

    hey! sorry, i cant relate to what you are going through, but id love to be here to talk! im in year eight too and im female, but id prefer not to say my name if thats ok

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    now-kanao / Oct 09 2020 21.29

    I can't relate to what's happened with your situation but some of my friends do so I know a it how you feel, I'm also in Year 8 and I'd love to be friends <33 (I use all pronouns)

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    RareTypeOfBee / Oct 10 2020 10.30

    <div>Hey guys its fin, I just want to chat 😄 Do u have anything u wanna talk about like friends or boys 😉 Xx</div>

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    brightmusic / Oct 25 2020 15.03

    hey guys! so we havent been on this for a while, and its ok if you dont want to reply, but i just wondered if either of you have been in this safe position or could offer advise? x

    so i really like this girl cuz she has a really beautiful smile and makes me laugh, but she is very mean. she has told me so many lies about my other friend telling her stuff i didnt want her to know, and she even forced one of my friends to tell me that she liked me as a prank. she twists everything, and seems to love drama. i cant seem to get over her though, and i really need to, as she is horrible and nothing good can come out of me liking her.

    thx xx

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    RareTypeOfBee / Oct 26 2020 8.25

    She sounds horible and funnily enough i can relate to something u said, i liked this boy not very long ago ( im a girl by the way) and i asked him out this girl as a prank told me that he said yes and everyone was in on it. i got sooo exited and then this really nice girl came and told me that it was fake, i mean imagine if i went and did something stupid with this boy!! She may be pretty but i always like someone who had an amazing personality and who i know ( i do take into account in wether they are hamdsome too! 😉 haha Do u have any friends who r girls?? if so consider yr feelings for them or if u think a girl in yr class likes you then see them in a different light! hope this helps anc im asuming this is a boy im talking to x

    isla xx😋😁

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    brightmusic / Oct 26 2020 8.48

    hey! thanks for the reply! im a girl actually (i am bisexual) thats horrible what your friends did to you - im so glad that girl told you! i do actualy have a crush on another girl in my class who i know well and am good friends with but i think she is straight :/ . i mean even if she wasnt straight i would probably be to scared to approach her about it in case i ruin our friendship and it gets awkward? thx x

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    RareTypeOfBee / Oct 26 2020 13.30

    oh wow good for u!! how many people know that yr bisexual? xx

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    brightmusic / Oct 26 2020 18.59

    thx! everyone in my class (it got out by accident last year - same people) but my parent dont know for sure yet, as i tried to tell my dad, and in the nicest possible way, he told me it was a phase.

    thx xx

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