1. Childline Avatar
    Oh-honey-honey / Sep 13 2020 15.05

    Sometimes I just don't feel anything. The first emotions to come back are the negative ones.. like guilt or random crying. I think it happens after i feel a lot / after i feel anxious? but soemtimes its out of the blue. it's not really frequent, but it lasts anywhere from hours to days and I don't like it. Is this something I should be worries about? I want to feel happy because my crush is talking with me, but today I just can't

  2. Loser
    Temporary80524775 / Sep 17 2020 11.42

    hi, i get how you’re feeling. i feel like that sometimes too. the things that help me a lot is going out for a long walk with my dogs and some chill music, but i know how hard it can be when you don’t really feel anything and you have no motivation. i’d just try and do something that makes you happy, like painting a picture or just dancing to a happy song on full blast. if these feelings carry on though, then i would talk to your gp, when i spoke to mine it really helped as well, hope this helps x

  3. Headphones
    MusicBookMusic / Sep 26 2020 21.50

    This is actually something I deal with myself and I'm not sure why. If you ever feel like it please message me on this platform and maybe we can move towards understanding it a bit better, together? If you aren't comfortable with that it's totally fine. I don't blame you. It's just something I experience and I don't understand as much as you. :)


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