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    kdoc16 / Sep 11 2020 0.18

    So basically I always feel hungry so I snack loads and then when it come to mine meals I don’t want them so I skip them and I feel guilty for eating to many snack and want to be sick I’m not gonna say that I’ve starved myself but there have been days where I really want to but my head knows that’s not okay I want to drop in weight but I’m starting to have Ed tendencies and don’t want to get into that habit

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    theangelwhocries / Sep 15 2020 18.31

    hiii 🥺

    i totally get how u r feeling cos im the same and ur body is absolutly perfect. if everyone had the same body it would just be boring, and remember ur body has gone through alot for u and that u should look after it and treat it to snacks and chocolate etc but also at the same time eat healthy options. dont ever feel guilty for eating its how we survive !! ur absolutly gorgeous the way you are i hope this was helpfull xx


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