My Drastic Friendship Crisis

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    watermelonsugar14 / Sep 10 2020 21.51

    I was brought up taught to treat others how you would like to be treated. So that's what I've always done, been kind, helpful, funny with people and it's always been super easy to make other smile and laugh and be friends. Except, my friendships NEVER last. My friends, after roughly a 3yr period give up on me, dump me, ignore me, or just move on from me. And I don't know why.

    My first friend dumped me for cooler girls after 3.5 yrs. I had then got a great friend group but after 3 years we all split up for highschool. Then Last year, my toxic friend of 3.5 years ignored me for a week then moved onto a cooler girl. I don't miss her as she was horrible, ignoring me, not inviting me to things, talking trash about me behind my back, but still. I would've missed a flight for her and she wouldn't even invite me shopping. I don't get why people don't stay my friend! I try so hard, I'm always there to help, always answering messages, helping them with homework, being nice, making them feel better, and I get nothing in return.

    I have an epic new best friend now, who is genuinley soo nice and caring and amazing, unfortunately, highschool ends in 3 years!!! I'm cursed! Anyway, when I met my new bestie, I thought I finally had what I'd always wanted, a loving, supportive friend group. There were like 6 of us, and 2 days ago they kicked us both out for no reason, other than the fact that the new girl in the group (who became the leader) hated my best friend, and it looks like she got her way. They're all ignoring us. Some friends!

    But now, me and my bestie are alone. Again. And i'm scared she'll leave me, scared no one will ever want to keep me as a friend, and I'm trying so so hard. I just want A big, fun friend group. Does anyone want to be online pals? And advice?

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    RareTypeOfBee / Sep 15 2020 17.52

    i defo want to be online pals!

    you sound like such a kind and supportive person!

    if they have only been friends with u for 3 years then they're not yr friends. it takes AGES to find yr real bff's, it took me A YEAR to find my bff's in my new school. are u confident? thats one of the main reasons i have friendship problems, people get jealous of yr confidence & ignore you. if its not that then i HAVE NO IDEA why they dont want to be friends. whats yr name? mines isla :) i am in year 8

    also quick question: when u press 'follow' and it says 'following' is they like a page where u can see who u r following

    ill message u if i work this out!

    hope this helps xx

    isla x


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