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    averonica / Sep 07 2020 22.40

    every since last year i’ve lost all my confidence, i’m in year 10 now and have constantly been told i’ve put in weight over lockdown. no one finds me attractive and every boy i speak to finds someone better. every time i look in the mirror i want to end it all. i’m added into group chats where they bully and pick on my appearance, i get mean comments on my posts and get told to my face, by my friends i’ve gone fat. i feel so insecure especially in pe and recently ended up crying when my teacher asked why my running score had dropped so low. i cant wear the clothes i want to wear and can’t do the things i want to do because i’m insecure and hate myself. no one likes me for me, when i try to talk to my mum about it she doesn’t understand and thinks i’m being over dramatic and it’s my one understands how i feel and when i tell my fiends they think i’m joking and laugh at me. i just need someone to talk to or some advice because i’m so low and have never been like this. please.

  2. Bookworm
    Stories4ever / Sep 11 2020 20.46


    It does not matter what you look like, it's hard to not care, but trust me, it doesn't matter how you look. Looks are not going to make you successful or happy. Everyone goes through a time when they feel insecure, whether that be for a day or many years. Even very 'pretty' people feel they're ugly, an opinion of yourself is not necessarily a fact. You are beautiful. No matter what you think, you're beautiful. The people discriminating you on your weight are lacking inner beauty right now, probably just to make themselves feel a little better about themselves and their own body image. Confidence in yourself is far more attractive than your body shape! When you are older I hope you find someone who loves you for who you are on the inside. The first step to feeling beautiful is to acknowledge and accept your imperfections, and realize they are a part of you and then you can learn to feel happy about who you are. You are not alone in having parents who misunderstand you and blame hormones for your mental health and your feelings, when that is not the case. The fact you want others to care for you tells me you are caring, and that is a beautiful trait. If you ever need someone to talk to or more advice, I am here for you 😊


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