1. Loser
    Sometimesitbelikethat / Sep 06 2020 22.03

    hi! im 15 going on 16, and for most of my life ive struggled with my confidence. ive hated the way i look and the way i act and my personality.

    over the lock down period, i felt i was able to love myself and be myself, and its only been two days since i went back to school and i find myself hating me more.

    and i feel the need to change. i constantly feel like im being judged or im wrong or like im going to embarass myself (what is embarassing is my spelling).

    i was wondering if anyone had advice on how to love myself?

    be kind to everyone and i hope you have a great day, and if you feel the same way, i empathise with you and i want you to know you deserve love no matter what!

    brought to you by you local lesbian <3

  2. Bursting
    Blackcurranticecream / Sep 09 2020 19.14

    i hate the way I look too.but im getting better at being kind to myself through counseling


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