Girls and Boys... and Enbies

  1. Lion
    BennyWithABlackSuit / Sep 06 2020 19.40

    Skirts and make up,

    Pink and glitter.

    Shorts and war paint,

    Must get fitter.

    How you must act,

    Girls and boys.

    This is a fact,

    Girls and boys.

    But wait.

    Girls are tough,

    Girls are rough.

    Boys are cute,

    Boys aren't mute.

    Enbies exist,

    We exist.

    Think twice, mother,

    Think twice, father.

    Not everything is binary,

    Learn this finally.


  2. Chatterbox
    Remy-ice-cream / Sep 07 2020 23.30

    I really like that! I think it's a very clear and memorable way of putting the message,


  3. Bookworm
    SkylarCoral1000 / Oct 05 2020 21.17

    Nice poem, it speaks out about not everyone being the stereotype people deem them to be. Also great wroting skills used within.

  4. Headphones
    LonelyWillowTree / Nov 15 2020 14.55

    OMFG I love it!!!!!

    You are so talented!!!


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